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General and Commercial Contracts

  • Consultancy agreement

  • Employment contract

  • Event management agreement

  • Non-disclosure agreement

  • Exclusive agreement

  • Memorandum of understanding

  • Agency agreement

  • Advisors agreement

  • Will

  • Trust deed

  • Non Circumvention and Fee Protection Agreement

  • Purchase agreement

  • Letter of intent

  • Commission agreement

  • Staffing agreement

  • Management service agreement

  • Operations and maintenance agreement

  • Franchise agreement

  • Distribution agreement

  • Power of attorney

  • Event merchandising agreement

  • Sponsorship agreement

  • Affiliate Program Services Agreement

  • Business Collaboration Agreement

  • Management Service Agreement

  • Hire Purchase Agreement

  • Corporate Contracts

  • Term Sheet

  • The Limited Liability Partnership agreement

  • Partnership agreement

  • Co-founders agreement

  • Memorandum of association

  • Articles of Association

  • Share purchase agreement

  • Share subscription agreement

  • Shareholders’ agreement

  • Asset purchase agreement

  • Business transfer agreement

  • Joint Venture Agreement

  • Advisory Agreement

Intellectual Property and Media-Related Agreements

  • Book publishing agreement and ebook publishing agreement

  • Work for hire agreement

  • Inventions agreement

  • Music license agreement

  • Content license agreement

  • IP assignment agreement

  • Artists agreement

  • Celebrity endorsement agreement

  • Audio Visual Streaming Agreement

  • Research and Development Agreement

  • Trademark Assignment Agreement

  • Trademark License Agreement

  • Character Merchandising Agreement

  • Original Digital Content Development Agreement

  • Commission Agreement

  • Co-production Agreement

  • Music Distribution Agreement

  • Music Adaptation Agreement

  • Music Synchronisation Agreement

Other Internet and Technology Contracts

  • Software development agreement

  • Software license agreement

  • Software escrow agreement

  • Software maintenance agreement

  • Web development agreement

  • API integration agreement

  • Technology transfer agreement

  • SaaS agreement

  • Database and Maintenance Contract

  • Service level agreement

  • Master service agreement

  • End User License Agreement

E-Commerce Contracts

  • Terms of use/Terms of service of E-commerce website

  • Privacy policy

  • Cookie Policy for a website

  • Subscription service agreement

  • Cancellation, returns and refund policy

  • E-commerce website development and services agreement

  • Terms and conditions of sale

  • Internet Banking Services Agreement

  • Domain Name Sssignment Agreement

Lending and finance related documents

  • Loan Agreement

  • Loan settlement agreement

  • Syndicate loan agreement

  • Comfort Letter

  • Deed of mortgage

  • Share pledge agreement

  • Non-disclosure undertaking

  • Corporate Guarantee

  • Promoters Guarantee Agreement

  • Notice under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act

  • The application under Section 7 and 9 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

  • Intercreditor Agreement

Post Contractual Contracts/Matters

  • Variation/Amendment Agreements

  • Deed of Novation

  • Termination Agreement

  • Side Letters

  • Interim Agreement

  • Change Order

  • Releases/Contract Cancellation

  • Gift Deed

  • Post incorporation Contract Adoption

  • Declaration of Nomineeship /Trust

  • Notice of commencement of arbitration

  • Statement of claim

  • Statement of defence

  • Identify Applicable Stamp Acts and Calculate Stamp Duty on Different Instruments

  • Legal Notice

Real Estate related Agreements

  • Corporate lease agreement

  • Leave and license agreement

  • Joint development agreement

  • Sale deed

  • Agreement to sell

  • Venue Hire Agreement

  • Power Purchase Agreement

Government Contracts 

  • EPC Contract

  • Public-private partnership agreement

  • Concession agreement

  • Joint venture agreement


Legal Research and documentation

Drafting Pleadings, Client Communications

Case Analysis and filing and management


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